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girl pouring a bottle of brown brothers cienna into a glass

Juicy, bright and best served chilled



Ahh Cienna. Our CSIRO blend of wine with the loveliest name, and lovelier palate. Unique to Brown Brothers, Cienna is a grape first developed by the CSIRO in 1972, with the aim of creating a wine to suit our Australian climate. Named after the colour which shares its name, Cienna is a blend of the Sumoll and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties characterised by its slightly fizzy finish and vibrant, ruby red hue.

bottle of cienna lying flat in an ice bucket atop a blue tiled table served with asian greens and dumplings


Brown Brothers Cienna

Notorious for tasting like summer berries in a glass, Cienna is packed with juicy bright flavours of blueberry, raspberry, and vanilla.

Wildly versatile to pair with everything from spicy Chinese hot pots to a mouth-watering meringue, Cienna is a vibrant and easy-drinking red wine that shines in hot Aussie summers and actually benefits from being kept cool in the fridge.

girl in the sun opening a bottle of brown brothers cienna zero


Brown Brothers Cienna Zero

Brown Brothers Cienna Zero is a refreshing red wine that's light and bright: a riot of sweet summer berries in a glass. Offering the full fruity flavour of your favourite Cienna, this easy-drinking red is made with 0.5% alc/vol and is best enjoyed chilled, all year round.

Think you know Cienna? Think again.

A varietal unique to Brown Brothers, we’ve long been synonymous with this vibrant, refreshing red wine that’s versatile enough to pair with everything from spicy Chinese hot pots to mouth-watering meringue.


Cocktails, cake, and more. Make it with Cienna!

Armed with the knowledge that red wine makes for a fine drink of choice no matter the season, this delightfully fruity drop is as versatile as it comes. In summer it’s ideal for making cocktails or a refreshingly chilled Sangria, and in winter it’s perfect for a delicious warming ‘Gluhwein’ or mulled wine.

Cienna Sangria cocktail

MAKE: Cienna Sangria

A perfect blend of bright summer fruits and Brown Brothers Cienna.

Cienna Sour cocktail with ingredients

MAKE: Bloody Cienna Sour

A bloody (good) take on the classic sour, made with Brown Brothers Cienna.

closeup of red wine in stemless glass

A Guide to Chilled Red Wines

Contrary to popular myth, some red wines are made for the fridge.


A hallmark of our Fruity range of wines, discover the versatility of Cienna and see for yourself just why this wine is so loved.