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Next generation red



Developed in partnership with the CSIRO, Tarrango was ahead of its time when Brown Brothers first pioneered the light-bodied red in 1965. A cross between a Sultana and the Portuguese grape Touriga, Tarrango was the direct result of trial and experimentation – driven by our desire to create a unique wine varietal better suited to thrive in the hot, arid climate of Australia.

It’s juicy, refreshing and light; ripe with delicious fruit flavour and natural acidity.


Brown Brothers Refreshing Tarrango

The very essence of a summer drink, Tarrango wine embodies all the thirst-quenching qualities of a cocktail, craft beer, or Rosé – super fruity, juicy, refreshing, dry – emerging at a time when our warming climate demands more of our wine be chilled in the fridge.

Enjoy with a full table of friends and plenty of food, from peppery cheese and sorbet to BBQ meats, or Indian curries loaded with spice and heat.

How to drink it, and what to serve.

The best wines to serve chilled are those that are younger and lighter; varietals that are naturally lower in tannins, like Gamay, Cienna and Dolcetto – alongside Tarrango. When it comes to the latter, there’s a bit of romance to it: a warm-climate grape consciously grown for Aussie palates, feeling very much at home in an ice bucket or the fridge section of your local bottle shop.

Pair with spicy food, warm weather, savoury meats and (most) desserts!

with spicy food

A crisp Riesling or sweet Moscato is often the wine of choice for spicy food, but a chilled red can be even better. “The sweetness of Cienna or a vibrant Tarrango stands up and helps diminish the fieriness of the pepper and chilli”, says Harris. The richness of red fruit in these wines also provides the perfect balance to the sweeter ingredients typically found in Asian dishes, such as roast pork with plum sauce or green papaya salad.

with warm weather

When the temperature rises, chilled red wines can be a welcome relief from heavier, more tannic wines. While probably not the best way to enjoy that vintage Cabernet Sauvignon you’ve been lovingly ageing, choosing a lighter, chilled red wine can be a great alternative to dry whites and rosé when the weather warms up.

with a bbq

Red wine and red meat might be natural partners, but an icy beer is still the standard drink of choice at the classic Australian BBQ . For your next cook-up try a chilled bottle of Tarrango – like beer, Tarrango makes a casual complement to lamb, sausages, grilled chicken and charry seafood, without overpowering. It’s also an Australian grape, making it the perfect fit.

with desserts

Similar to how a sweet wine complements a sweet dish, a chilled, fruity red can be a fine accompaniment to that final course. Juicy cherries, crumpets with jam and cream, or a dark chocolate tart topped with berry coulis is an excellent choice.

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A glass and bottle of Tarrango, sitting on an outdoor table next to a BBQ overlooking a park

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Juicy, light and best served chilled.

You can find the Brown Brothers Refreshing Tarrango at our Milawa cellar door, online at Brown Family Wines or in the Rosé and chilled-red section of your local Dan Murphy’s.