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festive table setting with bottle of brown brothers prosecco

A Prosecco For Any Occasion



Brown Brothers has been pioneering Prosecco since 2007, handcrafting Australia’s favourite Sparkling wine at our home in Victoria’s King Valley. And we love it — the way our vineyards yield truly sensational fruit, the creamy bubbles rising to the top of every glass, and the beautiful nuanced flavours you really can’t get from any other wine.

bottle of prosecco premium brut on a table set with oysters


Brown Brothers Prosecco Premium Brut

An elegant sparkling wine made for both the special moments and the everyday. This single-vineyard expression is crafted from premium King Valley fruit and shines with zesty, bright aromas of apple and citrus: a delicate and refreshing Prosecco to enjoy all year round, whether that’s at a casual BBQ with friends or to mark the beginning of a great Friday night in.

prosecco NV on an outdoor table set with pastries and green grapes


Brown Brothers King Valley Prosecco NV

Its zesty, crisp flavours and delicate bubbles pair well with everything from sweet treats and salty snacks, to fresh seafood, fruit, and desserts. Our bestselling King Valley Prosecco NV is vibrant and easy-drinking, a refreshing expression of Prosecco that's rich in citrus notes with a soft, bubbly palate.

Prosecco moments on the go.

Refreshingly spritzed and made to drink young, our piccolo formats are a favourite in the warmer months; conveniently packaged in 200mL bottles and 250mL cans made perfect for backyard picnics, on the go, or afternoons at home.

two bottles of prosecco rose NV in a basket with baguette and fresh flowers


King Valley Prosecco Rosé NV

A hallmark of everyday wine occasions, our Prosecco Rosé NV is characterised by its beautiful blush colour and vibrant notes of citrus and strawberry: a universally loved style of wine that’s made to drink while young and fresh.

bottle of prosecco spritz being poured into a stemless wine glass


Brown Brothers Prosecco Spritz

A fresh take on the traditional style of aperitivo, Prosecco Spritz celebrates everything you love about a zesty summer wine with a refreshingly bitter, orange twist. Simply pop and pour over ice with a slice of fresh orange. Best served chilled, with a side of friends.

bottle of prosecco zero being picked up from a flat ice bucket atop a white picnic blanket


Brown Brothers Prosecco Zero

Refreshing and dry with a satisfying citrus tang, Brown Brothers Prosecco Zero celebrates the beautiful, nuanced flavours of traditional sparkling wines — without the alcohol. Featuring notes of crisp green apple and delicious pear, serve chilled alongside fresh seafood or salted popcorn.

closeup bottle of prosecco zero NV in an ice bucket


Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé Zero

We're redefining Rosé moments with this bubbly, bright, and beautifully pink Prosecco – made with zero alcohol and all the flavour. Blush in colour with delicate notes of strawberry, crisp apple and citrus, pour alongside spicy Bahn Mi or antipasto for two.

Prosecco has become more popular than ever, with tourism to the King Valley growing in parallel.

Fresh, uncomplicated, and full of bright acidity and plenty of bubbles, Prosecco is called upon for moments big or small – equally suited to poached eggs and salmon blinis at brunch, as it is to charcuterie or seafood snacks before dinner.

A joy to drink, no matter the time of year.


Sparkling wine is all about celebrating, and with Prosecco comes no pretence other than to be popped, poured and enjoyed year-round.

Boasting a characteristic ‘fizz’ that’s slightly creamy with just a hint of fruit, there's a Prosecco for any occasion: whether that's lazy summer days, in a cocktail, or a dinner party staple shared with friends.

Prosecco Zero cocktail - Sparkling Ginger Fizz

MAKE: Sparkling Ginger Fizz

A delightful mocktail that combines the zesty kick of ginger beer with the effervescent charm of Brown Brothers Prosecco Zero.

ingredients for a prosecco cocktail with bottle of prosecco nv

MAKE: Prosecco Mojito

A sparkling twist on a classic favourite, our bubbly Prosecco Mojito fuses zesty lime and crisp mint with Brown Brothers Prosecco.

flatlay of scones, jam and strawberries

MAKE: Prosecco Scones

An easy recipe the whole family will enjoy, combining two of our favourite treats: baking and bubbles.


Our range Prosecco opens the door to sparkling wine adventures coloured with excitement and year-round refreshment.