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Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low
Crafted for a new range of Australian palates, Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low is a lively sparkling wine bursting with flavours of bright green apple. Just 0.5% alc/vol, and less than 1 standard drink per bottle. 
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The joy of wine, in all forms. For all adventures. 

At Brown Brothers, we love people. And we love how wine can bring people together. So we set out to make good wine that could do just that – and now we’re making more than 60 varieties of the stuff

After 130 years and four generations of Brown Brothers (and our many sisters) later, we may be steeped in history, but we stomp our grapes for tomorrow’s taste buds. It’s why we pioneered Moscato on this side of the world, and helped recognise King Valley as the home of premium Australian Prosecco. Blended Cabernet Sauvignon with Sumoll and called her Cienna. And set up our own micro-winery that we call our ‘kindergarten’ – where there’s a lot of playtime and hardly any rules. Because, as Ross Brown (third generation) says; ‘We are a wine company with tradition, but we’re not a traditional wine company’.

We’re proud of our wine, of each other, of those who came before us. Since 1889 we’ve been here in the Milawa region of the King Valley – and that means we’ve seen a lot of harvest seasons. Sipped a few Chardonnays in our time. Discovered some delicious new varieties, and thrown a few experiments out the window. 

Four generations of winemakers later, we’re still as excited by a new release glass of sparkling. Or that 1980 Malbec that comes out of the cellar on special occasions. Or the new favourite drop we know we’re yet to create. Because, while we’ve collected a few laurels on our bottles, we’re not even tempted to rest on them. Instead, we use them to spur us forward. To push us beyond the status quo. To keep our minds sharp and our palates fresh. To keep us making wine for more people. And to ensure it’s perfectly delicious.  

Made for all kinds of adventurous spirits, every bottle of Brown Brothers opens the door to a new wine experience coloured with excitement, nostalgia & endless possibilities. 

“Whenever a bottle of our wine is opened, an adventure starts. Whether you’re seeing friends spontaneously, sharing a meal with family or celebrating a significant milestone, the possibilities are endless – and that’s what wine adventures are all about.”

Shot in the stunning King Valley region, this brand film celebrates all that is Brown Brothers; our home, our wines, and our people. Documented through rich cinematography, movement, colour, and sound, each scene hints at a playful yet artful interpretation of ‘Brown’.

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As the pinnacle of our range, Prosecco Premium Brut is an elegant sparkling wine made for both the special moments and the everyday; whether that's paired with oysters on ice, or a platter of your favourite seasonal fruits. 

Awarded 94 points in the 2022 Halliday Wine Companion, and a recent Gold Medal winner at the 2021 Rutherglen Wine Show, this single-vineyard Prosecco is crafted from premium King Valley fruit and shines with zesty, bright aromas of apple and citrus. 


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Our 200mL picnic essentials* are the perfect serve of Sparking Moscato & Moscato Rosé. 

*no sharing necessary. #BrownBrothers
Pasta night done right. 

Best paired with a generous glass of Origins Series Tempranillo, our very own vino-infused sauce, and your latest Netflix obsession. 📺🍷
Weekends at Browns. 
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Golden hour, sundowner, Prosecco o’clock. 🥂

Shining with just 0.5% alc/vol and tasting like bright green apple, Prosecco Ultra Low is our latest spring obsession filling our glasses with a low alcohol, low carb, and vibrant alternative to our traditional Prosecco NV — without compromising on flavour. 

Now available online and in select stores. #BrownBrothers #ProseccoUltraLow
One for you, one for a friend. Post-game day picnics made a little more mindful with Brown Brothers Moscato ONE.

✔️ lower in alcohol (just 5.3% per serve!)
✔️ one standard drink in can
✔️ spritzed for extra refreshment 

#BrownBrothers #MoscatoONE
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