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2024 Vintage Update: Q&A with Brown Brothers Wine Ambassador Andrew Harris

Fri 24 May 2024

Brown Brothers Vineyard Milawa

Victorian wine – isn't it grand? And the 2024 vintage was grander than most. 

Vintage, or picking season. It’s an exciting time in the world of wine – a period of high adrenaline and little sleep as winemakers and vineyard workers scramble to pick grapes at the very peak of their ripeness. 

Vintage kicks off the moment the first grapes are harvested, and finishes with the very last pick of the season. 

So just what was the 2024 vintage like in Victoria? We chatted with Brown Brothers Wine Ambassador Andrew Harris to discover all the juicy details. 

Q: How would you describe the 2024 vintage in Victoria? 

2024 was a fantastic vintage with few challenges in the vineyard and fantastic quality fruit. The reds are full of colour and flavour while the whites have terrific natural acidity. The King Valley Prosecco and Pinot Grigio are highlights in whites, while the Shiraz and Malbec off the Heathcote Vineyard are amazing. 

Q: How long does vintage usually take, and what steps are involved? 

With Brown Brothers’ Victorian vineyards, we usually start in late February and finish in early April. There is an enormous amount of logistical planning to ensure the pickers, picking bins, transport trucks, winery staff and winery space are all in alignment to ensure we harvest the grapes at optimal ripeness. 

Q: What went beautifully in 2024, and what challenges did our winemakers face? 

The weather was particularly good to us this year. Warm to hot days without rain at the wrong time allowed for perfect ripening conditions and picking the grapes exactly when we wanted to. 

In the King Valley, just before vintage was due to start, we did have a huge dump of rainfall which delayed our harvest slightly. It all cleared up soon after but was a worry for a couple of weeks. 

Q: Is there a comparable vintage to the 2024 that springs to mind? 

After three cool wet seasons, we have to go back to the 2019 or even the fantastic 2017 for comparable vintages. The wines from both of these vintages are still drinking beautifully, both in reds and whites. 

Q: If you had to pick 2-3 wines you think will really shine this year, what would they be? 

The Patricia Cabernet parcels look amazing, with incredible depth of colour and flavour. They are beautifully balanced with a strong tannin structure that will set the wine up for long-term ageing. The Prosecco from our Banksdale vineyard was also brilliant. Beautiful natural acidity and elegant apple and pear aromas. 

Q: Could you compare a couple of wines from the 2024 vintage to wines we've produced in the past? 

The Shiraz, Mondeuse and Cabernet looks really close to the 2015 SMC. It is a lighter vintage, although showing incredible tannins at this young stage. It looks like it will be fantastic when it is released in a few years' time, and will also age forever! 

So there you have it folks – a wrap-up of the incredible 2024 vintage in Victoria. We look forward to sharing the fruits of our labour with you.

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