Introducing Australia’s newest Ultra Low Prosecco

Brown Brothers has been pioneering Prosecco since 2007, handcrafting Australia’s favourite Sparkling wine at our home in Victoria’s King Valley. And we love it — the way our vineyards yield truly sensational fruit, the creamy bubbles rising to the top of every glass, and the beautiful nuanced flavours you really can’t get from any other wine. 


Prosecco is both exciting and experimental, and we’re thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our growing family. At just 0.5% alc/vol, Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low is a game-changer for those dreaming of a light, bright, and ultra low sparkling wine — without compromising on taste. 



We noticed more Australians are seeking ways to moderate their alcohol intake, but don’t believe flavour should be sacrificed when it comes to enjoying a glass of wine.

Emma Brown, Brown Brothers Marketing Manager and 4th generation family member says, “with consumer preferences changing we cannot ignore alcohol moderation, but rather, we embrace it with new and innovative wines that meet consumer trends.”

Using spinning-cone technology to remove the alcohol (leaving us with just 0.5% in every bottle) Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low delivers the same vibrant and flavoursome taste of Prosecco, with less than 1 standard drink per bottle. 

The minimal amount of alcohol helps to create mouthfeel and flavour which has been missing in the category to date,” says Brown, “while still honouring the winemaking craft and traditional flavours of our iconic Prosecco NV.”



The newest member of our Prosecco family is an ideal picnic provision for day drinkers – or those simply curious to explore low alcohol occasions. Whether you’re enjoying a glass solo, sharing it with friends, or popping open a bottle to mark a special occasion, Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low is a vibrant and delicious expression of Australia’s favourite sparkling wine. Shining with classic notes of crisp apple and pear, it’s the perfect accompaniment to fresh seafood and salads, sushi in the park, or an easy cheese platter before a night out. 

Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low is currently available to purchase online, at our Milawa Cellar Door, and from select Ritchie’s IGA and Liquor stores.