DIY: How to Repurpose Your Empty Wine Bottles

Wine. Whether you favour fruity or dry, red or white. Delicious to drink, but what do you do when the wine is done?

Rather than tossing your empty vino vessels, we love the idea of repurposing your favourite bottles into household works of art. Whether used as a creative candle holder or a simple and chic flower vase, a DIY wine centrepiece is not only a nod to sustainability, but also a budget-friendly hack that will brighten any room.

Looking to get inspired?

All you’ll need to do is give your favourite BB bottle a good clean, then pop in a seasonal stem or a small posy of fresh blooms. Change things up every once in a while to suit the season; swap your bottle placement or style your centrepiece with candles or small succulents. 

DIY Upcycling

  1. Create a decorative candle holder
  2. Fashion your beloved BB corks into cheese spreaders 
  3. Make a hanging light pendant or lamp
  4. Fill a broken bottle with soil to create a succulent garden
  5. Save for crafted Christmas ornaments