Get To Know Cienna

8 Things You Might Not Know About Your Favourite Fruity Red… 

1 – Cienna was originally created by the CSIRO in 1972, with the aim of developing a wine to suit the Australian climate.

2 – It is a wine style unique to Brown Brothers – a brilliant blend of Sumoll and Cabernet Sauvignon.

3 – If you think you’ve heard the name Cienna before, chances are you have! This wine shares the name of the colour Sienna, due to its striking and deep red hue.

4 – The first bottle of Cienna was released in the year 2000.

5 – Brown Brothers Cienna is an easy drinking wine that’s light and refreshing, with a vibrant ruby red colour. It boasts aromas of fresh red berry with a hint of spice, and a finish that’s slightly fizzy.

6 – In summer it’s ideal for making cocktails or a refreshingly chilled Sangria, and in winter it’s perfect for a delicious warming ‘Gluhwein’ or mulled wine.

7 – Cienna is also a terrific base ingredient for baked goodies such as puddings and brownies. We suggest pinching mum’s favourite recipe and getting creative in the kitchen!

8 – This delightfully fruity drop is versatile enough to pair with everything from spicy Chinese hot pots, to mouth-watering meringue with mixed berries and fresh raspberry coulis.