A Labour of Love

In paying homage to its namesake, the Patricia range is the culmination of the very best in viticulture and winemaking; celebrated not just for its matriarchal heritage, but for its dedication to the hardy and time-honoured journey from vineyard to bottle.

In 2020 the legacy of Patricia continues into her 17th year – where enigmatic and beautifully expressive wines come to life. The result? A perfect blend of tenacity and grace, combining carefully selected grapes that celebrate the marriage between complexity and character, balance and depth.

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A Prosecco For Any Occasion

Sparkling wine is all about celebrating, and here at Brown Brothers we believe all moments are made to be celebrated. A style of wine that’s traditionally vibrant, refreshing, zesty and dry, every Brown Brothers Prosecco is made for year-round enjoyment, whether at home or dinner parties shared with friends.

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History in the Making

Named after the year John Francis Brown made his first vintage at the Milawa family winery in Victoria’s King Valley, the 1889 range celebrates our family’s winemaking history with a range of traditional and non-traditional wines designed to be enjoyed and shared around the family table.   

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Every Wine Has its Origin

Brown Brothers Origins Series celebrates the beginnings of some of our most innovative wine varietals by bringing to life their story and sense of place. Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean landscapes and warm summer days, our gift of escapism comes handpicked and bottled – the best kind – so that whether you’re enjoying a dry Rosé on the coast of Australia or sipping your way through southern France, the experience of opening a bottle of Brown Brothers is the same.

This range of exotic wine styles is made locally in Victoria, using traditional winemaking crafts from around the globe.

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Refreshingly Good, Naturally Light

The Brown Brothers Refreshingly Light range celebrates everything we know and love about classic white wine styles, like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, alongside a racy dry Rosé and Australia’s favourite sparkling, Prosecco. Vibrant, zesty and fresh, these fruit-driven varietals are naturally lighter in alcohol making year-round enjoyment a breeze.

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Expertly Crafted Wines

Brown Brothers Winemaker’s Series is range of wines that celebrate The Kindergarten, our micro-winery. Inspired by our history of innovation, this series includes small batch alternative varietals, unique blends and excellent single vineyard expressions. 

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Best Served Chilled

Ushering in a new era of fruity reds is a series of wines that thrive when perfectly chilled. Brilliant by the glass or as a base for a fruity sangria or warm mulled wine, both our Cienna and Dolcetto & Syrah shines with all the full-bodied flavour of more traditional reds, while purposefully designed to be consumed cold.