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Brown Brothers Moonstruck

Moscato in a Slushy Twist, Taste the Joy You Can't Resist!

Get a taste of the Moonstruck Moscato you know and love with a refreshing twist.


Since the beginning of time, the moon has yielded its powerful yet gentle influence over the tides, the air and the soils. We make our wines according to these natural laws, following the cycles of the seasons and the stories from the land.


The Moonstruck range is designed for relaxing with family and friends with deliciously drinkable fresh vibrant wines. The Fresh and Fruity is a Moscato blend that shows its sense of place in north west Victoria. With bright notes of lychee, green grapes and lemon zest with a crisp lively finish.


Grapes are grown in north west Victoria where it is perfect for delivering high flavour Moscato grapes. The wine is fermented at cool temperatures and stopped at 5.5% alcohol leaving beautiful natural grape sweetness contained in the wine.


Best served chilled with prawn dumplings, spicy seafood dishes or an afternoon tea set.