Winemaking and Viticulture


We have a talented team of winemakers who work under the guidance of Chief Winemaker Joel Tilbrook. 

Our philosophy at Brown Brothers has always been to make wine that our customers love to drink.

We’re passionate about growing grapes and making wine that fits with Australian conditions and the wine drinking preferences of our customer. We have been fortunate to work with the CSIRO to assist in the development of new to world grape varieties such as Tarrango, Cienna and Mystique.

The Kindergarten winery, our small-scale winery allows our winemaking team to trial new winemaking techniques develop new wine styles and hand craft our premium range of wines including the Patricia range.  Many of the wines made in the Kindergarten are released as trial wines in the Cellar Door so that our visitors can taste the wines and tell us what they think before we release it to the national and international markets.

Each year we harvest over 18,000 tonnes of grapes and make over 100 different wines. We also have approximately 20 trial wines in the making.

The Brown Brothers winemaking team includes Joel Tilbrook, Cate Looney, Geoff Alexander, Tom Wallace, Katherine Brown, and Tom Canning.


It takes a lot of hard work to get a wine from grapes into a bottle and all great wines start in the vineyard.

Our Viticulture Team overseen by Chief Viticulturist Brett McClen work tirelessly to ensure that our vineyards are in pristine condition and the quality and quantity of grapes produced meet the fastidious requirements in order to make the best wine possible. 

We grow over 32 different grape varieties; therefore the importance of vineyard site in terms of terroir (soil types, aspect and climate) plays a huge role.

Brown Brothers has over 840 hectares of grapevines and owns six vineyards across both Victoria and Tasmania, these include our home site of Milawa, Banksdale located in the upper King Valley and sits at 450m, Heathcote in Central Victoria, Mystic Park in the sun-drenched Murray Valley, Kayena Vineyard in the Tamar Valley of Tasmania and The Hazards on Tasmania’s East Coast. 

We are also proud of our long-term grape growing partnerships.