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  • Halliday Wine Companion

    Outstanding results from Halliday

    James Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion 2015 has ranked all Brown Brothers’ wineries as outstanding with Brown Brothers Milawa and Tamar Ridge/Pirie rating as 5 red stars and Devil’s Corner rating 5 stars, up from 4… Read More

  • featured

    Cienna Harvest 2014

    To do this job of growing wine grapes properly drives you nuts, especially with varieties such as Cienna that are not easy to grow. To be passionate means you nurture the fruit very carefully all… Read More

  • featured

    Welcome to New York …

    Per Se is one restaurant that, of all the people that I know who have visited, and there have been many, every single one of them to a person have spoken in the highest regard… Read More

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Our wine adventure is a journey. It’s a beginning. The anticipation of the road less travelled. The people you meet, flavours to try, places to discover. The laughter, fun, spontaneity and mishaps shared on the way. The meals, some simple, others celebratory, at welcoming tables. The place you always return to no matter how far your journey takes you. - Ross Brown