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30th Jan 2018 Exploring Tasmanian Pinot Gris

Devil’s Corner Resolution Pinot Gris 2017
Rich and flavoursome with stone fruit and lychee.


Bottle of Brown Brothers' Resolution Pinot Gris
Devil's Corner

Resolution Pinot Gris

Vintage 2017

Rich and intense off dry Pinot Gris from East Coast Tasmania.

$34.00 Members $30.60
1 - +

Tamar Ridge Pinot Gris 2016
Savoury and crisp with pear and apricot.


Bottle of Brown Brothers' Pinot Gris
Tamar Ridge

Pinot Gris

Vintage 2016

A rich textured style wine, balancing the true French origin of Pinot Gris and the Tasmanian nature.

$28.00 Members $25.20
Sold Out

Tamar Ridge Pinot Gris and the new Devil’s Corner Resolution Pinot Gris both hail from Tasmania. But the vineyards the fruit has come from and the winemaking processes have made them into two completely different wines.

The Tamar Ridge is from the Tamar Valley in the north of Tasmania from a cool site leading to high levels of natural acidity.

This gave us the chance to do some wild yeast barrel fermentation which added layers of savoury complexity.

We also ferment the Tamar Ridge through to dryness.

The Devil’s Corner Resolution is from the East Coast of Tasmania which delivers a stronger stone fruit richness.

We wanted to focus on this fruit driven flavour, so we avoid any oak treatment and stopped the fermentation just before the yeast consumed all the natural grape sugar.