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The flagship Patricia range is named in honour of the family matriarch, Patricia Brown, who dedicated 60 years of her life to the growth and prosperity of the Brown family and Brown Brothers business.


Patricia was a tenacious, strong woman with core family values; a genuine soul whose commitment was an inspiration to Australia’s leading winemaking family.


The Patricia range is a culmination of the very best in viticulture and winemaking. Premium fruit selection, time-honoured techniques along with tremendous patience and refinement in the Kindergarten micro-winery are the primary ingredients in our most prized label.


Put simply, Patricia is a labour of love. Not just for its matriarchal heritage, but for the dedication and commitment which highlights its long journey from vineyard to bottle.

Explore the exceptional Patricia collection

A wine will only be labelled a Patricia if it’s of exceptional quality.
Upon release, this new collection has already won a combined total of nine gold medals and a trophy.
Discover more about these outstanding wines and their credentials.

In 1962, Brown Brothers released the first Noble Riesling in Australia. The grapes are handpicked over three runs to ensure a range of flavours and botrytis levels. The whole bunches are crushed with an air bag press to release the sugar from the skins. Fermentation is predominately in stainless steel tanks with a small percentage of oak for greater complexity.

Our commitment to attaining outstanding fruit for the Patricia range saw us expanding our search to the finest vineyards in the Tamar Valley and East Coast of Tasmania. The wine was fermented in French oak on full solids delivering a struck match complexity with 100% malolactic fermentation building richness through the middle palate.

From the warmer northern Heathcote region to the cooler Henty in the south west of Victoria, we had four vineyards making their way into the 2013 blend. Slow ripening allowed for extended hang time in the vineyard which enabled full flavour and tannin development in the grapes and concentrated flavours in the wine.

95 Points – Halliday Wine Companion 2018
Gold Medal – Royal Hobart Wine Show 2017
Gold Medal – Victorian Wine Show 2017
Gold Medal – Rutherglen Wine Show 2017
Gold Medal – Victorian Wine Show 2016

Trophy, Best Chardonnay – Tasmanian Wine Show 2018
Gold Medal – Royal Adelaide Wine Show 2017

95 Points – Halliday Wine Companion 2018
Gold Medal – Royal Hobart Wine Show 2015
Gold Medal – Rutherglen Wine Show 2017

The Cabernet Sauvignon has been the most consistent performer for the Patricia range and only three vintages in the last 15 years have not had the quality required to adorn a Patricia label. This wine displays depth and elegance combined in an alluring style that is a signature of great Victorian cabernet.

The fruit sourcing has consistently been the Whitlands plateau in the upper King Valley, where the marginal climate is forgiving to those varieties that can handle the coolest of temperatures. The wine delivers minerality and a length of acidity perfect for traditional method sparkling wines with long ageing on lees.

Gold Medal – Rutherglen Wine Show 2017

Limited Edition Pack

Special pack featuring the all new releases plus the highly acclaimed Patricia Cabernet Sauvignon 2010.


Words from the Winemakers

It’s pretty easy for me to get excited about the Patricia Chardonnay 2015 because it‘s one of my personal favourites to drink.

This wine took out the Trophy at the Tasmanian Wine Show for Best Tasmanian Chardonnay and we are putting out some of highest quality Chardonnays in the country now. We are extremely proud.

I don’t need many excuses to open a bottle; be it on the weekend to celebrate or after work to relax. Drink it on its own or with food, but not too cold, you want to experience its full expression.

Tom Wallace, Winemaker

It’s been seven years since I made the Patricia Pinot Noir & Chardonnay Brut 2011. It’s been ageing slowly into a seriously good glass of bubbles. And naturally, I’ll be opening a bottle to celebrate the new release!

Patricia bubbles are the essence of a good celebration. So I hope you can find plenty of excuses to share a bottle with family and friends just as I will be doing.

Cate Looney, Senior Winemaker

Glazed Apple Roly

Patricia’s greatest passions were her family, her garden, and providing beautiful meals for those that she loved most. Her recipes came from the heart and were always matched to a wine from Cellar Door. Download this nostalgic recipe by Patricia and enjoy with a glass of Patricia Noble Riesling.