Introducing ONE: Naturally ONE Standard Drink of Your Favourite Moscato & Moscato Rosé in a Can

In a time where wine is becoming more adventurous and convenience is key; you asked, and we delivered.

Balance is everything, and with the season of spring in full force our winemakers have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you your favourite Italian wine style in an exciting new format: ONE standard drink of your favourite Moscato and Moscato Rosé – in a can.

You may have already caught a glimpse of our new friends. Our pals over at Shameless Media were treated to a sneak peek (and taste!) of these refreshing canned favourites, and the rollout across all leading retailers has finally begun. Naturally only 5% alcohol per serve and only one standard drink per can, Moscato ONE has been created for lighter and more moderate drinking occasions – without compromising on taste.

Conveniently packaged in 250mL cans you’ll find them slightly spritzed for refreshment and naturally fun-sized, making ONE the ultimate wine of choice for Moscato moments on the go.

Why ONE?

ONE has been created in direct response to Australia’s changing lifestyle and consumer needs.

More and more, people are telling us that wine is difficult to moderate when consuming: the glasses are different sizes, a Friday pour is usually larger than on Monday, and different wines even have different alcohol contents. We all love a midweek sip but are mindful that even at the best of times our consumption can be hard to keep track of.

Whether you’re at a picnic, kicking back at the beach, enjoying a barbeque with friends or simply having a wine at home, everyone likes to stay in control and know how much they’ve had to drink. In keeping in simple, we want the peace of mind that one glass really is just one drink.

We’re so excited to launch this product and invite you to reimagine your favourite Moscato moments in any setting you choose. Be sure to tag us in all your social media pics and share your adventures using the hashtags #BrownBrothers #MoscatoONE

Now available online, at cellar door, from First Choice and select independent retailers.