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Brown Brothers Winemaking

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A major inspiration for the wines we experiment with comes from our own travels overseas and from the stories that customers share with us about the wines they have discovered and delighted in during their own travels. We have drawn heavily on the wines of Italy and Spain. Their wine growing environments and wine styles are a great fit with Australian conditions and the wine drinking preferences of our customers.

In recent years there have been some absolute winners come out of the kindergarten.

Zibbibo was born there and essentially created a new sparkling wine category in the style of Northern Italy. When you visit Milawa please do try some of tomorrow’s champions.

Prosecco has a light crisp sparkle that will delight. In the Reds have a taste of Sicily with our Nero d’Avola as it delivers big soft fruit flavours along with its stunning deep colour. We also encourage you to try our great range of chilled reds, a style of wine drinking that many people are only now only just starting to fully appreciate. The good news is that our inspiration is never ending. Every time we receive an email from Ross Brown, when he is travelling overseas, we hold our breath to see if we need to be conducting a trial planting of a new varietal. That is the huge challenge with being an experimenter in the wine industry, you have to be willing to invest in the planting of vines and then wait for 4-5 years for the fruit to come along before you can continue your experiment.

Once we have the fruit and have made some wines, and importantly, think we have a winner based on cellar door feedback, it is typically at least another 4 or more years before we have the scale required to fully bring it to market. Fifty to sixty per cent of wines we try at the cellar door die, but we’ve never have a dud with those that move on from the cellar door to the market, largely thanks to cellar door visitors who have given us their feedback.

MeetThe Winemakers

Joel Tilbrook
Joel Tilbrook
Cate Looney
Geoff Alexander
Tom Wallace
Tom Wallace