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Brown Brothers Our Vineyards

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The Brown Brothers vineyards in Victoria and Tasmania are as varied as the wines and wine styles. Within a 50km radius of Milawa, climatic conditions range from cool, alpine areas to lush temperate valleys to sun-drenched plains. Each of the vineyards has been selected on the basis of their suitability for the variety or wine style. Varietal diversity through the Brown Brothers family of wines provides a point of difference and offers consumers the ability to experiment across a range.

Brett McClen – Chief Viticulturist

Brett is responsible for all Company-owned vineyards, and the Team that manage them, ensuring that the quality and quantity of the grapes produced meet the requirements of the company and, most importantly, our customers. The vineyards that Brett is responsible for are located in a hugely diverse range of locations and climates across Victoria and also Tasmania.

After completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at La Trobe University in 1996, Brett commenced his career working in irrigated horticulture in the Sunraysia district of Victoria. This involved working in the technical management of large-scale winegrape plantings as well as citrus, almond and avocado orchards. In 2002 Brett moved to Rutherglen in North-east Victoria to manage a group of winegrape vineyards, and this is where he first came into contact with Brown Brothers as a grape supplier. He then leapt at the opportunity to join the company as Chief Viticulturist in 2007.

Sean Dean – Viticulturist

Sean manages the working relationships with Brown Brothers’ grape suppliers, undertaking regular grower visits and providing ongoing technical advice to to ensure their fruit meets the company’s needs. In the Brown Brothers vineyards Sean provides technical viticultural support and in particular he is responsible for managing the Milawa Vineyard. While completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Viticulture at Charles Sturt University, Sean gained viticultural experience working throughout the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. On graduating in 2004, Sean worked as a Viticulturist and then Grower Liaison Officer in the Sunraysia and Swan Hill regions of Victoria. He also completed a northern vintage in the South of France to broaden his knowledge of the wine industry on an international scale. Sean joined Brown Brothers in 2010.

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Sean Dean Viticulturist
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