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Brown Brothers Our Philosophy

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Regardless of what generation of the Brown Family is steering Brown Brothers we talk about the fact that it is all about the wine. That is true, we are devoted totally to the quality of the wines we produce, but that represents only half of our guiding philosophy to winemaking. The other half of our wine philosophy is that whatever wine you drink, it should be one that you personally enjoy. That it is a wine that suits your preferences, your palate, your sensory triggers, not our wine makers. The wine we make is for your enjoyment not ours … we get out joy when you tell us you have discovered a Brown Brothers wine you love!

So how does such a philosophy impact on the way we go about our winemaking? It means that we can never afford to stand still, that we need to continue bring out different styles of wines to appeal to the evolving tastes of wine drinkers. It also means that we need to produce a wide variety of wine styles. It is why when you go to our Milawa Cellar Door you are confronted with probably the largest range of different wine varieties of any cellar door in Australia. Dry, fruity, sweet, sparkling, classical varietals and new niche varietals, low alcohol content and high alcohol content – whatever way you cut it we strive to have a wine for everyone.

Some of our wines you will love and others will not be to your taste at all, that is exactly the idea behind our philosophy to wine, because the ones you don’t like are more than likely going to appeal to the person tasting next to you. Our wine philosophy may dictate that we have to make lots of different wines styles, but equally it demands that every style is of exceptional quality